Praying On My Knees

Father, God. The God of the Universe, our Creator. The One True God. The great I AM. Nothing else compares to you. We come before you this morning at your feet in humble submission and open ears like Mary your servant who sat long ago at your feet and listened. Thank you that we can come before you this morning with our anxieties, our worries, our pain, our suffering and our burdens and lay them at your feet. May we push aside all distractions that are flooding our minds. I have once heard that if Satan can’t get us to do bad things he will make us busy and I like many of us are guilty of this so I ask Father this morning that we sit still and quiet before you and listen, so that we can hear your gentle whispers, reminding us what is truly important and to see through your perspective and not ours.
May these weaknesses of ours draw us closer to you Lord rather than push us away. Let us find contentment in every situation with thanksgiving in our hearts may we count our blessings rather than compare ourselves to others or look inward with self pity. May we look up to you the God who is in control and above all things. We know you are orchestrating around us I just pray that we have more faith to believe what we cannot see at the moment. Just like a child Lord we sometimes think we know more than you, we are impatient and we want to know everything. But just like a parent your ways are higher and greater than ours and you can see far more than we can ever imagine. You give us just what we need at every moment. May we trust you, listen to you and obey. Not just hearers of your Word, but doers.
I also pray God that you feed us your Words today…to give us our daily bread that we so desperately need. Give us enough to keep coming back for more so that our souls will be filled with good things and not the junk of our culture. May we be the woman and men of God that you have called us to be. To be known for our godly character that resembles our Maker. Let this be our ultimate goal rather than money or success or fame. Your ways are so different than this worlds Lord and we must many times go against the grain, but that is where people will see you and see that your ways brings peace, and joy the things that our society deep down craves, but are blinded to the truth. May you open their eyes so that they can see.
Many people today are hurting Lord and I pray that you meet their needs today. I pray that you heal the sick whether their physical bodies, spiritually or emotionally. May those of us that have been healed come along side them and be your hands, recognizing their needs and take action. We know Lord there are times we should take opportunities to help others and there are times that we have done all we need to do and we need to wait and watch you do wonders so that the world may exalt you on high. May you give us wisdom and discernment recognize your leading.
It gave me such joy this morning to hear the birds singing and the snow melting from the warm sun, Father it reminds me of new beginnings that you give to us. Just like the sun melts the snow, Father I pray that you melt our hearts to your molding and shaping us to be more like you and less like the world.
I pray for the Norman family this morning. With the funeral this weekend many tears have been shed and I know you grieve along with us, but God it gives us comfort knowing he is with you in heaven. He had left such a legacy behind that we will never forget because of his devotion to you and serving your people. Please give us comfort this morning and healing for he will be greatly missed.
I pray for our pastors and leaders, our teachers to lead your people this morning and to prepare our hearts for your message. I pray that you keep your church pure as a bride on her wedding day. Please keep us from temptation and live transparent lives whether in the light or in the dark. To be who we are in you. To have integrity.
I pray for our missionaries around the world who are risking their lives every day to preach your word to those who have never heard the good news. I pray for courage, safety and strength and that your message is communicated with power.
I also pray for what you are doing right here in this church. I pray that each person here will not only find salvation, but satisfaction when they seek you with all of their hearts. May we put you first in our lives this week as the ultimate priority so that we begin to see change and transformation in our lives and to those around us. We pray you bless this time together. Thank you for all that you have done and are going to do. In your precious name I pray, Amen.

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5 thoughts on “Praying On My Knees

  1. I am really blessed by praying this prayer. Most importantly addressing those issues we tend to over look and not pray about! May the Lord answer you too the secret desires of your hearts.

  2. I am really blessed praying this prayer.
    Most importantly addressing those little issues of life that we tend to over look and not pray about!
    May God in His infinte goodness answer to the secret desires of your heart in Jesus Name..Amen.

    Do have a blessed and fruitful week.

  3. I googled prayer knees looking for a picture to put on instagram because I felt so lost and I haven’t prayed in months and I found this and that prayer said exactly what I needed not only that but the date this was written march 19 is my birthday . Thank you

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